About Scheduling and Payment

In my practice, I use the Calendly, PayPal, and ZOOM software to schedule, accept payment, and conduct the counseling sessions. There are no individual software charges to my clients for the use of any of this software. Clients pay only for the counseling sessions themselves.

Occasionally, prior to establishing a counseling relationship, the client and I may communicate via regular email ([email protected]). Once we agree on a time and date, either of us can set up the session using Calendly and invite the other to join by ZOOM. The initial session is free in order to take care of some administrative tasks that should not detract from the professional discussion. The sessions are fifty minutes in length and are taped for my records.

The Calendly software displays a calendar of my availability.

Schedule a 50-Minute Initial Session (Free)

Schedule a 50-Minute Counseling Session